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Posted 3 years ago

WWDC 2011 Live Blog | Engadget

Don’t forget, WWDC’s Keynote given by The Steve is today! I’ve found Engadget’s coverage to typically be the best.

Posted 4 years ago

Your thoughts?
bensongrieve asked

What is the only thing that you can use to develop apps for 50 million iPhones, 20 million iPod Touches and a quickly growing number of iPads?

I don’t give it any weight.

The fact of the matter is that this is the year of the mobile device. There’s a lot of mobile hardware on the market now and Apple needs to focus on that for a bit. They’re closing in on RIM which is great, but Android is nipping at them from behind. There’s heavy heavy interest in Android and even your typical consumer more and more has at least heard the term “droid” or “android” and know it has something to do with phones. It’s not just for nerds.

So, given the environment, why would Apple not focus on their mobile products? The OS is mature. 10.6 has been out coming up on a year now and it’s pretty clear that Apple and Microsoft are moving to longer OS release schedules (more-so Apple admittedly). I would venture that we won’t see 10.7 until WWDC next year.

Apple’s just rightfully focusing on what’s important right now, that’s all.

Posted 4 years ago

Steve Jobs Live from WWDC today!

Steve will likely reveal the worst kept secret in Apple’s history today. Engadget has really great live coverage and always has lots of pictures. Check it out! It’s at 10AM Pacific time.