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Posted 3 years ago
Hey hey I have a question, but it's not technical. Since apple refreshed it's line of iPads I was wondering were do all the iPads without a happy home go? You know they can't actually sell all of the iPads before refreshing the line or can they? I think this question can apply to Apple's entire line up of electronics. Just wondering because I'm pretty sure a store should have some older models left over right?
lostnewyorker asked

As long as supplies last, the old and busted version is $100 off. Refurbed and old and busted is $350 (which I have to say is pretty damn good to get you in on iPad action) though I don’t see any of those in stock at the moment.

Posted 3 years ago

Refurbished iPad Wi-Fi | Apple Store

Refurbished 1st generation iPads have just had their prices adjusted to account for the release of the iPad 2. 16GB wi-fi are $349. A killer deal if you ask me and perfect if you can’t swing $499 but want to get in on iPad action :)

Keep in mind that Apple offers a full warranty with all refurbished items and you can still buy AppleCare for refurbished items. Honestly, opening the box you’d never know it had been refurbished. 

Posted 3 years ago

Ok kids,

it’s safe to buy an iPad now :)

Posted 3 years ago

Apple iPad 2 event

Today! Engadget always as good coverage of these events.

08:00AM - Hawaii

10:00AM - Pacific

11:00AM - Mountain

12:00PM - Central

01:00PM - Eastern

06:00PM - London

07:00PM - Paris

09:00PM - Moscow

11:30PM - Mumbai

03:00AM - Tokyo (March 3rd)

05:00AM - Sydney (March 3rd)

Posted 3 years ago
Hey, I'm getting an iPad later, should I get applecare? Also this is less mac related but I'm not GB literate! Is 1gb of 3G internet enough? Like how much is that?
Thanks for the Growl thing by the way
restlesss asked

1GB of bandwidth… well, if you’re doing mostly web surfing and email, you might be ok with 1GB. It’s tough to say. Stay. Away. From. Streaming.

To give you a gauge, I stream a lot of Pandora and BBC podcasts on my phone and I’ve busted through 2GB every month since I’ve owned my iPhone. There’s been months I’ve gone close to 4GB. I’d have a hard time staying under 1GB. However, you may be ok.

Posted 3 years ago



LCARS Reader: your iPad gone Star Trek. More info here.

Well, I know what I’m gonna be buying when I get an iPad.

All you Trekkers out there may like this one.

Posted 3 years ago

Refurbished iPad, 16GB Wi-Fi | Apple Store

Get ‘em while they’re hot. $429, $70 off! Apple also has a 32GB iPad for $499, the same as the brand new 16GB.

Posted 3 years ago

The 19 Most Wired iPhone and iPad Apps of 2010 | Wired

If you hadn’t heard of these, you have now, and you should go get them :)

Posted 3 years ago
I accidentally let my ipad run out of battery and I hadn't realized until about a week later. I've just plugged it into my wall adapter and it's been charging for about 20 minutes but I'm still not getting any kind of response from it when I try to unlock it, is this normal or should I take it in to the genius bar?
shielasaid asked

Not sure about the iPad, but on my iPhone or my prior iPod Touch, if they are/were stone cold dead it would take a few minutes of juicing up before any response whatsoever. With the iPad being all battery, I wouldn’t be surprised if it needs to juice up a bit. 

20 minutes seems a bit long, but maybe that’s normal. You can try holding the home and lock buttons for about 10 seconds and that should give it a hard reboot and may spring it to life (if there’s sufficient juice).

Posted 3 years ago
I always wanted to get the iPad since its release but I keep on thinking what if they release another version with a cam just like what they did to the iPod touch. I bought an iPod touch the first time it was released and when they upgraded it I bought another one, and then they release a newer one with camera and I got tired of buying another one thinking they'll release another new.

Will Apple release an iPad with camera or is it just a rumor? If they will so I will just wait for the next gen iPad with camera and not disappointed anymore just like what happened with my iPod touch.

apax asked

Sit on that cash. Rumor’s looking like sometime in mid/late Q1 2011 for the new one. I’m holding off too.