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Posted 3 years ago
Can you suggest me a printer to buy? Inkjet, and I don't need (or really want) a ton of extra features like scanners and faxes etc. I would like to set it up in my house to print to wirelessly from several different computers. If it was one that I could print from from my iPad that would be great too! (but that's not super important). Thanks!
krpnski asked

Oooh boy, printers are one area that you’ll get death matches over. Myself, I like HP and Canon. They’ve never done me wrong. I despise Epson. 

Others will swear by Epson and say HP or Canon are shite. It’s all jaded by personal experience.

For driver support, you can’t go wrong with HP. Apple builds them into the OS and keeps them up to date, which is very nice. 

For AirPrint, HP has a good selection of products, thought it looks like you’re into the All-in-one type printer/scanner/fax etc unit.

Myself, I have a (3 year old?) HP Photosmart. It does print,scan,fax and copy, has wifi (802.11g), separate ink tanks (CMYK,PC,PM), a duplexer, an auto document feeder (very nice for multi-page scan or fax), wireless fax and a photo tray (for separate 4x6 photo paper).

I think I picked it up for about $250 from Staples at the time (and got $50 knocked off because I recycled my old printer with them).

While it seems like a bit of a hefty investment for a printer, I have had zero issues with it. The ink is also reasonably priced and you can find an entire set of the ink on eBay for ~$35. (In a pinch you can find ink for ~$11 each retail.)

Now that I’ve had it for 3+ years, the per-year cost really starts nose-diving the longer I keep it. If you go cheap and get a $99 printer, you may end up replacing it in a year. It can add up.

Moral of the story: don’t cheap out. Get a nice one that will last some time.

Posted 3 years ago
Which Mac would you recommend me to buy for typical use like web, and writing?
muquanzo-deactivated20111102 asked

Desktop: iMac

Portable: MacBook Air

Also, check out my feature on How to Buy a Mac.

Posted 3 years ago

Amazon deal on a great iPad 2 case

The Splash SIGNATURE folio leather case is available on Amazon for $21.95 in black or white and $24.95 in brown. The case normally is $59.99. Grab it quick!

Posted 3 years ago
I'm going to get my first iPhone next month through Verizon. I am not necessarily a clumsy person, just over caution, and wanted to know if you had an opinion if I should go with the insurance offered through Verizon ( which I still think is technically offered through Apple; $11 bucks a month, $170 deductible - refurbished only I believe) and Apple Care, or just one or the other.
I'm fairly careful with my phones and fully except to be very happy with the iPhone, I just don't always have the spare cash to buy a new phone if one were to break, also the iPhone being such a hot piece of technology I want to protect it more than say my BlackBerry. ( I really hate that thing.)
Thanks so much, love your blog.
katerwarren asked

Give SquareTrade a look. $99 for a 2 year iPhone warranty that covers accidental damage too. $50 deductible if you’re making a claim due to accidental damage (drop, bath).

Posted 3 years ago
I'm finally moving into a place that will have room for my "office" (recording, video editing, photo editing and illustration). I don't want portability, I want power, performance and something that will last.

I am thinking about getting a refurbished iMac - what should I look for in processing power and memory departments? What about a Mac mini?
stevd asked

Power, performance and something that will last are mutually exclusive if you’re talking iMacs or Mac Minis. Get yourself a Mac Pro, sir. I have a feeling if you get yourself an iMac, you’ll feel about a year, maybe two years, down the road like you bought too little Mac. Then you’ll get the Mac you should have (a Mac Pro) and in the long run will have spent more than if you’d just gotten the Mac Pro to begin with. See my post on buying a Mac for more info.

Don’t skimp if what you’re doing requires balls.

Posted 3 years ago

Apple releases new iMacs | Apple

Quad-core i5 standard across the line. i7 optional build. If you need a new iMac, it’s a great time to shop. These start at $1199 and if you don’t need the latest and greatest, the prior model will likely have some great deals in a week or two.

Posted 3 years ago
I need a new wireless router, what brand do you suggest? My house has a lot of wireless activity (two PC's, three Macbooks, plus the occasional iPad/iPod Touch/cell phone). I currently have a linksys one but it seems to be getting quickly burnt out.
krpnski asked

I’ve always been very happy with the Apple Airport base stations, even though they’re a bit more expensive than your usual Linksys or D-Link. The one thing that I don’t like about the Apple ones though is that you have to use a utility app to configure and update them as opposed to a web interface. But, they’ve been so bullet-proof for me that I rarely have to go in there anyway.

I don’t have any Windows machines on my wifi, but at any moment I may have an AppleTV (soon to be two), two iMacs, two iPhones, two iPod Touches, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro and 3 Nintendo DSes on the wifi and it’s never hiccuped through streaming, downloading and over-the-network Time Machine backups to the attached USB hard drive. All of these give the network a smattering of A, B, G and N traffic in both 2.4 the 5Ghz ranges.

That thing’s been the core of my network and it’s a rock star. Buy one.

Posted 3 years ago
hey i bought the ipad 2 along with a smart cover. it was awesome until i realized the back was completely unprotected. then i cam across some okay looking plastic covers. I was wondering if the two could go together. would the magnet from the smart case attach itself to the ipad on top of the plastic case?
krapdavid asked

Beats the crap out of me. I’m still trying to shill my handmade iPhone cases to buy an iPad :)

I’ve got a ways to go.

And I’m jealous you have one.

Posted 3 years ago
First off, I really enjoy just coming here and asking you something about Macs instead of wasting my time all over the internet trying to find answers.
A few things. I still have my iMac G5 here and i am in need of a major upgrade i think. Really want to get a New 27 Inch iMac but should I wait for the next line up to come out? Also, when does Apple usually release new products?
life-as-fast-as-it-goes-deactiv asked

According to MacRumors’ buyer’s guide, wait (if you can stand to). We’re just over the average length between refreshes now and seeing what kind of power bumps the MacBook Pros just got (quad-core i7!) I think it’ll do you some good to keep that cash in your pocket to see what super-valued power and sleek looks Jobs & Co is going to bring.

Posted 3 years ago

Made some Type 01 cases :)

You may recall that I made an iPhone case and sold my first one. A whole bunch of you wanted one, so I’ve made a few and they’re now up for sale on my Etsy store. USD $12 shipped (international too).

Thanks! :)