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Problem: You need to scan something with print on both sides of the page but your scanner only scans one side of a page. Something like a bank statement is what I’m after.

Solution: Automator to the rescue! Automator is included with your Mac and you likely have never used it. It’s really cool! I set up what you see here and with Image Capture I scan the odd pages and then the even pages, saving them to separate files. Running through this Automator workflow, I’m prompted to first pick the odd pages, then the even pages. Automator then interleaves the pages together and pops up my combined PDF in Preview. I can then save it off.


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Today is Dump GoDaddy Day

If you’re not familiar with SOPA, you should be. Especially if you own your own domain name. Especially more-so if your registrar is GoDaddy. You see, GoDaddy initially (loudly) supported SOPA. GoDaddy has since retracted their support for SOPA (at least publicly) because it became such a bad PR move. Still, the mass exodus from GoDaddy has begun, including myself.

This is not an endorsement, but something I thought was a good show of support: (another registrar) is offering $6.99 domain transfers today and will also donate $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

In closing, if you’re a GoDaddy customer, I encourage you to read up on SOPA and consider switching registrars.

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Steve Jobs stayed tag-less by leasing a new car every six months | AppleInsider


California vehicle laws stipulate that anyone with a brand-new car has a maximum of six months to affix a license plate to their vehicle. This loophole was utilized by Jobs, according to ITWire, to avoid putting a plate on his car.

“Jobs made an arrangement with the leasing company; he would always change cars during the sixth month of the lease, exchanging one silver Mercedes SL55 AMG for another identical one,” author David Heath revealed. “At no time would he ever be in a car as old as six months, and thus there was no legal requirement to have the number plates fitted.”

Ha that’s a pretty sweet move.

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With Steve Jobs’ passing, we have lost one of the greatest technological innovators of our time. Jobs wasn’t just a savvy businessman, he was a visionary who made it his mission to humanize personal computing, rewriting the rules of user experience design, hardware design and software design. His actions reverberated across industry lines: He shook up the music business, dragged the wireless carriers into the boxing ring, changed the way software and hardware are sold and forever altered the language of computer interfaces. Along the way, he built Apple up into one of the most valuable corporations in the world. Quite a run. He will be missed. (via Steve Jobs’ Greatest Achievements | Gadget Lab |

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My macbook kept randomly turning black. Everyone said that there was something wrong with the inverterboard. I brought it to the apple genius bar and they said it would probably cost about $70. They just called me and told me that what they tried to do didn't work and it cost about $35, but now they were going to try and fix the screen which they said would cost $300. This all seems like a lot of money. Are they ripping me off? WHat do you think is wrong with it?
whatyougotacrushonme asked

Display issues generally are one of 3 components:

  • Display panel itself
  • Main Logic Board (issue with the video subsystem)
  • Components between the two including the Inverter board

If it’s something like an inverter board (generally no backlight but there’s actually an image on the screen) you’re looking at the cheapest repair there. Main Logic Board or display panel are costly. It’s not that they’re ripping you off, it’s that they weren’t exactly sure which component had gone wonky. 
It also sounds like they may not have properly set the expectation of what it could cost vs what you’d like it to cost.

Repairs like this are the #1 reason to buy AppleCare - one repair of a Main Logic Board out of warranty is easily enough to buy AppleCare.

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LOVE this for our friend Amit.

via What Would Jennifer Do » Blog Archive » I Love You Amit. I Hate Cancer.:

The past few days my twitter feed has consisted of three things:
1. The Yankees
2. Steve Jobs RIP
3. Help Amit Gupta!

So, I guess the Yankees lost a game or something. Then, Steve Jobs died far too young and sadly we couldn’t do anything about that.

But then, there is Amit- one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. His enthusiasm makes the world seem a little more fun, a little less depressing, and a lot more awesome.

And now very suddenly he’s battling leukemia.

I’m tired of talented wonderful people dying of cancer.  Do not stall. Get a Q-tip, stick it in your cheek and mail it back. The process is free and you can sign up right here. International friends check out this list of registries here.

For those of you who are kinky and like to swab in public with friends then there’s a party October 14th in NYC. More info here.

Please help get the word out any way you can.

If you are in Germany, no problem, because the registries exchange data, and ZKRD in Düsseldorf does so with marrow.orgthere is also DKMS, bigger, but only recommended by, not cooperating with (teach me better if I am wrong).
In case you are ever going to give birth to a child, make sure to donate left-over umbilical cord blood stem cells, because they are very helpful here, too.

Do it!

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Hi, I love your page! It is so helpful! I had a quick question, and was wondering if you could help me out. I had used my computer last night and then shut it down and it sat without moving on a bookcase until about a half hour ago. When I turned it on, the screen started flashing and little lines would appear across the screen in a flickering fashion. It will also turn a purple shade as well. I can still use the computer, but I am nervous about the screen. Any suggestions? Thank you!!
sam-ebs-deactivated20140127 asked

Take it in pronto. It could be a few different things, but from your symptoms, it could be the LCD panel itself, your Main Logic Board or anywhere in between including the LVDS cable being pinched through the hinge.

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Hello! :D i was wondering, my applecare expires in january 2012 and i wanted to know if that can be renewed again? and if not, am i just left to pay generously for repairs god forbid something happens lol.
fuckyesnicole asked

Sorry, but AppleCare is a one time deal. There’s no “renewal” option for it.